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Recovery Stories on Drug Rehab Blogs

As our sobriety continues and we begin to feel better, we may see our lives rebuild in a material fashion.  They may even be re-upped or improved upon with the things we lost while we were getting loaded; be it car, house, job, partner, etc.  There is also the distinct possibility these things may not come our way.  We are guaranteed nothing in the material.

We may hear stories on drug rehab blogs or from people in 12 step program addiction groups who have received everything they lost and then some.  There are times when, while listening to someone sharing and/or a speaker in a meeting, we may hear that person say they live a life beyond their wildest imagination, all the while delivering a message that is only connected to the physical items they now have.  Perhaps after the statement regarding “A life beyond… imagination.” they relay their tales of material acquisition without covering what brought them there.  They may have left out the important details of how they got to that place in their life and focus solely on all of the seemingly fine and fabulous things they now own.

It can be frustrating and maybe even feel near-deceiving when we don’t have those same results.  Perhaps we’re thinking we are supposed to have those very same things, on a similar timeline, to whomever we’re listening.  Maybe then we begin to think the program isn’t working.  We cannot understand why we feel like whatever program to which we are affiliated isn’t doing what we think it should.

The fact of the matter is participating in a program is not an insurance policy regarding acquiring “things” we may want to have.   If worked as instructed by the suggestions in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, we are given the ability to connect with our Higher Power, who subsequently allows us to match calamity with serenity.  That ability is a gift that far outweighs any material item.

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