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inpatient substance abuse treatment in Lake Arrowhead, CA

For those gripped by addiction, there are numerous options available to move forward—several options for finding freedom from addiction and entering into a life of healing and wholeness. The challenge is to find the treatment course that is best for you. At one of the facility partners of Above It All Treatment Center, the process begins with an evaluation from one of our addiction recovery specialists. From there the client moves into detox and—more often than not—an inpatient treatment program.

Recovery at Above It All’s Partner Residential Treatment Centers

There are several things you need to know about recovery at one of Above It All’s residential treatment center through out partners. The first is that our program is truly comprehensive. It unites all the philosophies and techniques we know in order to provide clients with fully immersive recovery—and a firm foundation for lifelong sobriety. Our partners provide our clients with the world’s most successful, most advanced treatment standards and protocols.

Our program is also individualized. Each addition is as unique as the person who is struggling with it. As such, a blanket approach to addiction recovery simply will not work. At our partners’ inpatient treatment centers, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client.

We are also pleased to offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a private and safe facility—ensuring that all of our clients are able to pursue recovery assured in the confidentiality of what we do.

Inpatient Treatment for Addiction

Our individualistic approach to treatment extends even to the length of stay. While inpatient programs typically last a few weeks, perhaps months, this is entirely dependent on the client’s medical history and on the nature of the addiction.

This program encompasses all of our facility partners’ addiction recovery techniques as well as some sober living principles. Ultimately, residential care is typically the recommended option for those who need around-the-clock support and supervision.

The goal of all of Above It All’s addiction recovery services is the same: We want to help our clients achieve sobriety not just in the short term, but also over the course of their whole life. Therefore, we equip each client with the tools and strategies for preventing relapse and for maintaining a healthy and sober lifestyle for years to come. Above It All’s partners are also pleased to offer aftercare services for clients who have completed our residential program, but still face the daily challenges of life in recovery.

Treatment for Substance Abuse

In our facility partner residential treatment centers, our clients will participate in daily group sessions and spend one-on-one time with their therapist. Our approach is all-encompassing and incorporates nutrition, physical activities and other forms of treatment to help our clients develop the tools needed for lifelong recovery.

The first step is to get an evaluation and develop a plan for treatment. Learn more about Above It All’s partner residential treatment programs. Contact our team and ask about treatment for substance abuse and addiction today; take the first step toward freedom from addiction.