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Your Sober Living Guide

After years of escapism through drug and alcohol abuse, the recovery process must be met with a fair amount of optimism. Many adhere to a belief that the root of their issues lies with the addiction: eliminate the addiction = enjoy health and happiness. However, many who have embarked on this journey prior can tell you that health and happiness are not necessarily guaranteed by rehabilitation alone. As with anything worth having, these desires take a fair amount of persistence, thought and planning, to enjoy.

Steps to Sober Living

1 – Discover the stresses, problems and hurts that initially triggered the addiction. Divorce, business failures, family illness, and low self-esteem are not issues that will disappear simply because you have stopped using. Learning to understand and recognize these issues will allow you to place a focus on working through them rather than drowning them in drugs and alcohol.

2 – Gain an appreciation for your sobriety and the strength it took you to get where you are today. Rehabilitation is something that many people lack the courage to attempt, let alone make it through. Take pride in your achievement and use that as a base to maintain your sobriety long-term.

3 – Accept and understand that, while you may have made your share of mistakes, you deserve to enjoy the good in life just as much as the next person. Beating yourself up over past indescrepencies will do little to encourage your well being. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of emotion that comes with sobriety – the good, the bad and the ugly.

4 – Steer clear of negative situations and people from your addictive past and instead spend time growing new relationships and memories with those who support you. Seek out inspiration, hope and positivity in these areas while emphasizing your own self-worth.

5 – Determine a purpose – an activity that promotes determination and joy. This can be something small and personal like parenting, or larger than yourself like volunteer work. The activity itself does not matter, so long as it provides you with goals, ambition, happiness and life! If it’s worth fighting for, you’re onto something good.

6 – Invest in your spiritual being to find solace within yourself. Some drive down Eastern inspired roads towards inner peace; others seek out a true relationship with God. The real goal is to construct an environment within your life where you can accept yourself for being you… every last inch and flaw.

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