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Sober Stocking Stuffers

The holidays can be tough for those in recovery. They may be reminded of how their addiction affected celebrations in the past and can be faced with a lot of temptation. Support from family and friends are an integral part of coping and staying strong. You may be unsure of what to get your loved one now that they’re in recovery and have changed their way of living. A bottle of wine is definitely off the table, and perhaps the trinkets of years past now serve as triggers.

Get creative when selecting sober stocking stuffers and think about what would be most meaningful or useful to your loved one. Pick out a few of their favorite candies or other treats – making them from scratch is even better. Design handmade “coupons” for things such as giving them a massage, a night off from doing the dishes, dinner of their choice, or a movie date. Pick little things you know they don’t like to do, or things that will make them feel special. Some other options could be:

  • A gift card: to their favorite store or restaurant, or to try a new activity they’ve been interested in – maybe a pass for a few yoga, painting, or golf classes.
  • Inspirational sayings: This could be a book of quotes, a nice picture or even a coffee mug. Something to remind them to stay positive and put a smile on their face.
  • A music mix: whip up a playlist of songs they can listen to when they need a pick-me-up, are running, feel like dancing out their stress, or are in the car on the way to work.
  • A gag gift: Pick up something that reminds them of an inside joke you have or just something to make them laugh.
  • The usual suspects: lotion, candles, coffee, tea, fidget toys and puzzles can all be relaxing and useful gifts as well.

Do not stress yourself out trying to come up with the perfect sober stocking stuffers. Just being together and knowing they have your support in recovery can be a priceless gift and better than anything tangible.

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