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Sobriety and Spiritual Awakening

“The greatest gift that can come to anybody is a spiritual awakening. Without doubt this would be the certain verdict of every well-recovered alcoholic in AA’S entire fellowship. So, then, what is this “spiritual awakening,” this “transforming experience”? How can we receive it and what does it do? To begin with, a spiritual awakening is our means of finding sobriety. And to us of AA sobriety means life itself. We know that a spiritual experience is the key to survival from alcoholism and that for most of us it is the only key. We must awake or we die…Little by little I woke up to the possibility that God hadn’t put me on earth  for the purpose of getting all the money, prestige, and romance that I could lay my hands on. I finally had to face the fact that I would have to settle for less, a lot less. And If I couldn’t accept this, I’d probably get drunk again”. –pg. 232-235 from The Language of the Heart

As it states in our 12th step “Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all of our affairs”. This means that it is highly unlikely to have the kind of spiritual awakening they are referring to in the language of the heart without first asking for alcohol addiction help, getting sober either through a drug addiction detox, AA, or some sort of 30 day rehab program, and working the steps. Furthermore without working the steps and having some sort of spiritual awakening we cannot carry the message to others. After all, we cannot transmit something we haven’t got. If we stop carrying the message to others as well as discontinue working the steps we as a fellowship will perish and without any solution we would surely lose the battle against alcoholism individually as well. When we first get sober many of us want the “stuff”. The house, job, family, and perfect life seem to be a driving factor for most of us but the longer we stay sober we realize as a result of a spiritual awakening that it’s no longer what sobriety is all about for us. We are here to greet the world and live life on an altruistic and spiritual plane.

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