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Support for Parents of Addicts: Tips for supporting your Children Through a Difficult Time

During and after rehabilitation, it is not just the patients that need support, the family needs support as well.  There are many ways to get this support, one of which is Family Counseling.   Another way to support the family is to have everyone on board with treatment and the changes that will have to be implemented into their lives.  Here are some tips on supporting each other, and the patient in question:

Stress management through social interaction: Many of the effects of stress can be reduced by social support; that is support from family and friends. So go out into the world, do something fun with friends and family; Picnic, Adventure Park, hike, etc.

Family Counseling: sometimes having therapy for individuals isn’t enough. The individual may need help voicing concerns over what you think of them now, and you may need help expressing your concerns. This kind of therapy gives you a space to talk safely with a referee present.

Understand that occasional relapses happen: when this occurs it is important to get them the treatment they need in a rehab program without being judgmental and offering support.

Help practice social and coping skills: go with them into a no-threatening social situation and help them interact with others in a kindly way.

Help them create a contingency contract: create a plan that outlines the psychological and financial consequences of relapse. This can help motivate them knowing that they have people who care reminding them of what’s at stake: their life.

Just be there: listen, talk, and love each other. It will all be ok in the end.

Remember that there are generally two different windows of vulnerability for drug and alcohol abuse, the first of which is between the ages of 12 and 21, and is more of a chemical vulnerability. The second window is later in life and dependency usually comes from a desire to cope with stressful situations. Social support from family and friends, particularly the effects of a confidante, can help prevent relapse as well as help everyone through the difficult life changes ah

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