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The Alcoholic Addict and Life’s Hardships

When we embark on our road to sobriety we may fall prey to the delusion that everything is all going to be a-okay from here on in.  Perhaps we have forgotten that, previous to our imbibing, be it alcohol or drugs or both, life existed on its own terms.

Hardships will, more than likely, crop up as life goes on.  Perhaps there’s been something with which we’ve been dealing during our drinking and/or using and is now continuing into our sobriety.  When we are drunk and/or high, it may seem like those hardships are easier with which to contend.  When we are sober, and we come upon a challenging event; it may feel insurmountable.  The exact opposite has a tendency to be the truth.  When we are loaded and ignoring anything that happens in the “outside world”, those problems and issues don’t go away.   They not only remain in our lives but sometimes their difficultly is compounded by our ignoring them.  When we are sober, and are in need of dealing with problems, knowing full well that ignoring them will not make them disappear, we will now have the necessary tools to use.

The staff at this California alcohol rehab will assist us in the laying of our foundation in sobriety.  Teaching us the way to have a life built using those very skills which will then assist us in getting past those seemingly overwhelming moments.  They will take the time to explain that whether or not we understand why something is happening, that, if it is in motion it is happening and guide us toward a place of accepting what’s actually occurring, painful, difficult or otherwise and that there are other options to explore instead of getting high and/or drunk.  Life will continue and there is no guarantee that it will be smooth sailing in sobriety.  We, however, now get to negotiate our way through those moments with grace, dignity and without getting loaded.

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