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The Alcoholic Addict and Step Four

STEP FOUR: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

Through doing steps 1, 2, and 3 we have built our foundation for recovery. An archway which we can walk through. We had to make sure we were thorough. If we weren’t then we would have to go back and do more work or we would eventually drink. After we did this we immediately began work on the fourth step. A four column process that not only helps us to look at the times we were hurt by others but also helps us to see we were not the victims that we once thought we were in these situations. We got to see our parts and the areas of our lives that it affected. As far as our fourth step goes it was imperative that we dug deep and made sure nothing was left out or else our efforts would have been in vain. If we are able to recognize, take responsibility, and clean our side of the street then we can regain control of our lives. However if we remain victims we assume a position that has little or no power/control  aside from the time, anger, and fear we assign to it. In order to do this step we may enlist the help of places such as an addiction program in Los Angeles, AA, or a California alcohol rehab. Most of these places also offer support for family of addicts and alcoholics available and if not then they can point you or your loved one in the right direction. If you are tired of living this way or feeling like a victim these and other places are there for you to get the help you need.

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