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The Best Things In Life: Making Amends and Rebuilding Relationships

The old saying that “the best things in life aren’t things” often rings true for those in recovery. You can have all of the material possessions in the world, but if you are not surrounded by people who love and support you, your life may still feeling like it is missing something. Building these relationships and appreciating the people in your life who have stood by you can be very motivating and encouraging. However, before you can appreciate these things, sometimes you have to make amends first.

Step nine of the 12 steps is all about making amends. In step eight you identify everyone you may have harmed, but step nine involves taking action. Making amends is more than saying you are sorry; it is about showing that you have changed and trying to restore what was damaged. This may mean paying back money borrowed, replacing objects that were broken or stolen, or making a conscious effort to change your ways such as through volunteering or signing up to be an organ donor. You may not always be able to make direct amends or repair the damage done, but there is always the opportunity to make a positive change moving forward.

The people you connect with have a positive impact on your recovery. They are the ones you can turn to when things get tough and the ones you want to celebrate your successes with. They are people who have seen you at your best and also at your worst, but who love you just the same and want to see you succeed. They are new friends who give you the drive and motivation to keep going, who you share new interests and goals with. They are also old friends who you may have unintentionally hurt but are making a conscious effort to rebuild trust with and develop a stronger relationship.

Take the time to value the positive people in your life and those who have stood by your side. Above It All can help you develop the skills and strategies you need to make amends and discover what the best things in your life are.

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