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The Miracle of Change in Sobriety

“It may seem incredible that these men are to become happy, respected, and useful once more. How can they rise out of such misery, bad repute and hopelessness? The practical answer is that since these things have happened among us, they can happen with you. Should you wish them above all else, and be willing to make use of our experience, we are sure they will come. The age of miracles is still with us. Our own recovery hope is that when this chip of a book is launched on the world tide of alcoholism, defeated drinkers will seize upon it to follow its suggestions. Many we are sure will rise to their feet and march on.” – pg. 153 A Vision For You from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

For many years AA as well as 30 day rehab programs, sober livings, and other drug addiction detox programs have had high success rates in regards to people seeking alcohol addiction help. Time and time again you see people go through these programs, sober up, and turn their lives around. We become happy, joyous, free, and usefully whole once again. We are filled with gratitude because we are able to do things, and form relationships we never expected to form. Our new life in sobriety is a far cry from when we were out using and drinking. Most of us had become shut off from the world, unable to function in society, spiritually bankrupt, and left feeling helpless/hopeless. When we get sober and do the work all of those problems seem to vanish. We become a productive and some may even say valuable asset to society. We begin to think about what we can bring to a situation rather than what we can take from it and as a result we reap the blessings and benefits.

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