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The Power of Forgiveness in Addiction Recovery

Forgiveness is a term we hear often in our society. It is a necessary step toward healing wrongs and repairing relationships. Forgiveness plays a huge role in addiction recovery as well. There are many others that have been hurt by your addiction-controlled actions and it is important to find forgiveness among those you have wronged. It is also important for you to forgive those that have wronged you, and let go of past mistakes that might have led to your addiction. Another type of forgiveness that is imperative is self-forgiveness in addiction recovery. You will always have to live with yourself, and true recovery will not come until you are ready to forgive yourself for your addiction.

Overcoming Guilt will Help You Forgive Yourself

Anyone who has suffered with addiction feels a deep sense of guilt and shame. This is normal. You are embarrassed and ashamed of your actions. You know you have hurt others by your words, broken promises, and lies. It might be difficult for you to ask for forgiveness. In fact, you might not think you deserve it because of the chaos you have caused, but you will not be able to heal broken relationships or achieve recovery until you forgive yourself.

Self-forgiveness in addiction recovery comes through understanding of addiction and getting to the heart of the substance use. You need to face the thoughts and emotions that led to addiction, and learn how to change them when necessary. Admit what you have done wrong, but then let those guilty thoughts go and don’t dwell on them. Overcoming guilt means allowing yourself to put those wrongs in the past and only look toward reshaping the future.

Self-forgiveness takes time, but it is a necessary part of your recovery. You don’t have to carry the weight of your guilt on your own. Find self-forgiveness through residential treatment, support groups or faith-based programs which will help you find peace and the hope of a new life.

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