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The Struggle To Rehab and Sobriety

“How many times people have said to us: “I can take it or leave it alone. Why can’t he? ““Why don’t you drink like a gentleman or quit?” “That fellow can’t handle his liquor.” “Why don’t you try beer and wine?” “Lay off the hard stuff.” “His will power must be weak.” “He could stop if he wanted to.” “She’s such a sweet girl; I should think he’d stop for her sake.” “The doctor told him that if he ever drank again it would kill him but there he is all lit up again.” Now these are commonplace observations on drinkers which we hear all the time. Back of them is a world of ignorance and misunderstanding. We see that these expressions refer to people whose reactions are very different from ours.”-pg.20 There Is A Solution from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

If only it was that simple for alcoholics to stop drinking. If these suggestions worked for helpless drinkers like us we would never have to go to the lengths we go to in order to get alcohol addiction help. We wouldn’t have to go to a Los Angeles rehab, AA, or any other California alcohol rehab for that matter. Many people that don’t know what it’s like to suffer from this disease believe that it’s a matter of being weak willed or just not wanting to stop bad enough. There is lack of understanding at times that we suffer from a disease. It’s a disease that makes us think that if we take a drink then we will be okay, and along the way we “forget” about the previous consequences that were a direct result of our drinking. We are sick people trying to get well and alcohol is our medicine/solution until it stops working for us. At this point the only other solutions or options for us are either to get sober or die. If we are fortunate enough we are able to make it into recovery and go onto live an amazing and fulfilling life.

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