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Tips for Sober Living in CA For Valentine’s Day!

California alcohol rehabilitation centers know that Valentine’s Day can be a hard time to not indulge in  wine with your honey,  and that it can be lonely  for those without a special someone. So here are some ideas that can help in finding (and planning!) a sober holiday that is also fun.

For Couples:

Looking for something fun to do with your special someone?  Why not take the day off and plan a romantic picnic in the park, or a boat ride for 2?  Planning time in the sunshine is a beautiful way to have fun and be less conventional about your love.  Take an Active role in your life together and get out to do something. If you can’t afford the time off, or are not in the mood for outdoor time, spend some time indoors cuddling and getting to know each other better.

For Singles:

It’s not a bad thing to be single, make Valentine’s day a day to get to know yourself better, to treat yourself kindly. Make it a spa day, a get out and enjoy yourself because you are you day, or even a lazy day. Be kind to yourself. Or if you want more human contact, plan an outing with your single friends to enjoy yourselves and love being who you all are as independent people who love each other in the bonds of friendship. Maybe spend some time with family; they are a great support for addicts. Valentine’s Day is for all types of love, not just romantic.

If these suggestions aren’t quite your cup of tea, just remember that there is love for you in this world so don’t tempt yourself with situations that aren’t healthy for you. As many addiction counselors will say there are 3 important things to improve mood and your way of life: sunshine, exercise, and nature. So get out there and treat yourself right on Valentine’s Day.


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