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Tips for Letting Go of Anger and Resentment

Anger and resentment often stem from trying to avoid hurt and betrayal. These emotions are detrimental to your emotional, mental, and even physical wellbeing. Closeness to the person aggravates the feelings; we feel more hurt from a friend and relative than a stranger does. You then develop a skewed perspective of friendship and closeness. The physical effects include high blood pressure and disturbance on the circulatory system. The following are tips on how to overcome these emotions.

Understand the cause

The easiest way to deal with anger and resentment is to first understand the cause and source. Do note that anger does hurt the sufferer more than the causative person. In many instances, the person you feel these emotions towards, is never aware of what is going on. Therefore, you end up suffering alone. Thus, betrayal accompanies the anger. It is only through cause identification are you able to pursue the right treatment. In other instances, the other person wants the best for you. For example, a therapist is at hand to help you get over issues. You may feel like a personal affront as they attempt to help you out. Therefore, understanding the context does a lot to alleviate the situation.


The opposite of hate, which often emanates from anger and resentment, is love and compassion. It is important to express compassion for a person’s shortcomings rather than the deed itself. Do note that in some cases, the deed arises from circumstances far beyond the person’s capability. The resentment tends to black out the fact that nobody is perfect. Simply put, settle in the other person’s shoes, and get the context of their actions.

Keep busy

Anger and resentment manifests more when you are idle. People often sit and brood over the happenings. The important thing is to divert your mind and body from such. Pursue a hobby, activity, or a long abandoned project. The ideal start is exercise. Nobody is too fit to exercise a little more. Exercise acts as the physical release of the anger, similar to screaming aloud. Of most importance though, is to pursue an exercise that you love, whether it is cardio, or walks in the park. Better still get a partner for the company. Other than the anger and resentment release, exercise is a good way to keep fit physically and mentally.

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