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Top 10 Things to Prepare for Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention are meetings conducted by a small group of people who care and are affected who wish to persuade alcoholics to quit drinking. Before performing an intervention, consider these 10 things:

  1. Gather details. Make sure to plan every detail of the alcohol intervention including who will be involved, where, when it will happen, and most importantly, what will be said.
  2. Get a professional. Strongly consider using a professional versed in this sort of intervention. Intervention specialists can help the team understand the process and set up suitable treatment.
  3. Pick the best time. Timing is important when choosing a time for the intervention, so the alcoholic must be caught off-guard or when alcoholism has caused severe consequences in their life so that they are more open to change.
  4. Get everyone on board. Explain the process with care and identify how each of you will be supportive in the process of getting them to treatment. Let the alcoholic know this is about helping him or her.
  5. Be mindful of how to say it. Stay calm and speak with love and respect. Blaming, anger, or outbursts will derail the intervention and cause more harm.
  6. Be factual. Stay focused and stick to the facts. Present facts bluntly to illustrate the point that he or she needs treatment.
  7. Keep consequences at the forefront. Tough love is hard but it is essential to the process. Giving the alcoholic an ultimatum with no other way out forces them to make the right choice. If you wavier they will as well.
  8. Plan the execution. Make sure you’ve booked a reservation with a treatment center, arranged transportation, and have bags packed.
  9. Eliminate reasons for excuses. Make arrangements for child care, work replacements, or any other responsibilities that the alcoholic needs covered. These could come up as excuses not to consent. If their responsibilities are cared for, it takes away the excuse.
  10. Follow through and make it stick. Always follow through with established ultimatums and consequences at the end of the intervention.

In most cases, your hard work will make an impact. At the very least, the alcoholic will know that there are caring individuals in his or her life. Don’t give up if an intervention fails the first time. Sometimes, an alcoholic simply isn’t ready to quit drinking.

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