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Trust God, Clean House, Work With Others: A Formula for Sobriety, Part 2

Cleaning house goes hand in hand with trusting God. Faith is an invaluable asset when it comes to cleaning house…what does that mean? Well prior to receiving alcohol addiction help we most likely caused a large amount of damage as well as acquired a huge amount of resentment towards ourselves and others. When we get to a drug addiction detox, AA, or a 30 day rehab program we get the opportunity to right what was once wrong by “cleaning house”. We do this by taking a thorough inventory of ourselves. We write down on paper the people we feel have harmed or wronged us, what happened, what it affected, and most importantly our part in it. We then get to make a list of people we had harmed and make amends for our behavior. We do this because not only do we want to be rid of the guilt that had plagued many of us before getting sober but also it holds us accountable. As mentioned before we get self esteem by estimable acts. It also states clearly in the big book of alcoholics anonymous that if our actions continue to harm others, we are not remorseful, and continue that behavior then we will surely drink. For us drinking is a death sentence. So cleaning up our side of the street isn’t just about the people we have harmed but it is directly related to us being able to achieve sobriety and the quality of our sobriety as well. When we clean house we are opening ourselves up to long lasting sobriety, peace, love, surrender, and many other amazing possibilities.

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