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Trust God, Clean House, Work With Others: A Formula for Sobriety, Part 3

Trust in god, clean house, and work with others.

That is the basic formula for sobriety. Over the next few days we are going to break down each part and see what there is to look forward to after receiving alcohol addiction help starting with trusting in God…

This may seem like a difficult thing to do as many of us might have a skewed concept of a higher power. We may find ourselves having thoughts such as If God did exist why was I alone when I needed him, or her the most?, Why do I have a disease that makes it so I can’t stay sober and need to go to a drug addiction detox? Why didn’t God answer my prayers if he exists? , or I don’t need god when I have a 30 day rehab program or another 12 step program I attend. While these are valid feelings, and thoughts to have the fact is that God answers prayers in many ways and not always by saying yes. We get to come up with our own concept of a higher power. Each one uniquely different and hopefully a source of light and love versus any negative concept we might have had previously. If we do the work we can begin to see hopefully that our higher power has our lives planned out for us, nothing is really an accident, we are taken care of, and nobody knows our path better than our higher power. It says in the big book of alcoholics anonymous that “faith without works is dead. “That means this is a process and we need to continue working not only on our faith but on our ever changing and growing concept of a higher power as well.

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