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Uncovering the Alcoholic Ego

“Our eyes begin to open to the immense values which have come straight out of painful ego puncturing.” –Step 7  pg. 74 from the Twelve and Twelve

When we first receive alcohol addiction help and get sober many of us have a huge ego that we might not even be aware of. We are some of the most entitled people. We are either feeling less than or greater than others because as ourselves we are not enough but When we go to a 30 day rehab or AA a shift happens. After drug addiction detox we learn how to live life sober. When we work the steps we become “right sized”. We no longer have to act on fear and ego. We cease fighting everything and everyone because we don’t need to .We are able to see beyond our wants and needs, we are able to see the bigger picture, and what is best for us and our fellows as opposed to just us. We can start looking at how everyone can win instead of just being out to get ours. As a result of this we gain a beautiful and fulfilling life full of amazing friends. Our broken friendships are repaired, and we are finally right with ourselves and our higher power. Things come together in ways unimaginable, and we lose interest in ourselves and gain interest in our fellows. This is beneficial at every stage of our sobriety because when I’m worried or concerned with you and your life then I’m not wrapped up with me and my problems and can finally experience peace.

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