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Watauga School Board Considering Drug Testing For Student Athletes

The Watauga School Board is considering a proposal which would allow random drug testing of student athletes attending a Watauga High School (located in North Carolina). If the policy is approved at the Board’s August meeting, it will take effect in September for the upcoming school year. Student athletes and their parents would have to sign consent forms before the teens would be allowed to participate in school sport programs.

The Board of Education would pay for the cost of the drug tests, and at least 5% of athletes would be tested each year. The tests would be performed to detect alcohol and controlled substances. They would also be ordered if an athlete is suspected of using drugs or alcohol.

Consequences of Positive Test Results

If a student tests positive on one of the urine tests for drugs or alcohol, he or she will not be suspended from school or reported to the police. The goal of the Drug Screening for Student Athletes Program is to provide assistance and counseling to students who are making poor choices, not to punish them.

The first time a student tests positive, a mandatory 15-day suspension from the team is imposed, and his or her parents are notified. If the student tests positive a second time, the suspension is 30 days in length. A third positive drug test would carry a full calendar year suspension from participating in sports.

Students with Drug and Alcohol Addiction Issues

At this point, a student is identified as having a serious drug problem. The ban on participation in sports will remain in place until he or she can present a certificate from a licensed drug counselor indicating that the student is clean.

Will this trend carry over and across the United States on a more massive scale?  Time will tell.

If you are located in the California area and your student athlete needs help overcoming a drug or alcohol problem, a California drug rehab center can provide the type of professional, caring support to help that a teen needs to get on the right track by helping the young person learn better ways to cope with the stresses of life.

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