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Every Above It All Treatment Center client receives a thorough evaluation upon admitting to our treatment program. Based on these evaluations, the Clarity Way team develops a customized treatment plan that features a blend of all therapies we offer to address the unique needs of each client.

In addition to a variety of medical and psychiatric treatments, clients also have the opportunity to work with a life coach, a physical trainer, a nutritionist and other therapists who not only delve deep into the root causes of the addiction, but also work to improve the client’s overall health and well-being. Our treatment programs vary in length and are based on the needs of each client.

Above It All Treatment Center offers clients a customized program designed to address all needs, from mental and emotional to physical and spiritual. Because the symptoms of alcoholism often trigger other behaviors, Above It All Treatment Center’s expert, caring and experienced staff first medically manages the client’s alcohol detox, then assesses the likelihood of the client having an additional pre-existing condition.

The Above It All Treatment Center team closely monitors client progress over the course of treatment, updating therapy plans as needed. Following treatment, the Above It All Treatment Center aftercare program gives clients the assistance they need as they return home to the pressures and challenges of everyday life.

Clients enrolled in the Above It All Treatment Center drug rehab program begin treatment with a thorough evaluation. Following each medical and psychiatric evaluation, Above It All Treatment Center develops an individualized treatment plan designed to provide healing in all aspects of life. From cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis, to fitness training and nutrition counseling, to life coaching and spiritual counseling, clients experience healing on all levels. As the client proceeds down the path to recovery, the Above It All Treatment Center licensed and certified team of physicians, nurses, therapists and other leaders reassess the course of treatment and adapt it if necessary.

Our drug rehab center offers client’s flexibility for both short and long term stays. Once the course of treatment is complete, the Above It All Treatment Center aftercare team works with the clients so they’re more easily able to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle outside of the program. Clients may opt to revisit Above It All Treatment Center for renewal programs, keep in touch with other clients following recovery, or request aftercare program modifications that increase the chances of life-lasting success.

The dual diagnosis recovery program at Above It All Treatment Center begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine if there is a mental health issue present. Often the substance abuse can be the cause of secondary mental health issues, resulting in an inaccurate dual diagnosis.

If a client is determined to have a dual diagnosis issue, the medical team provides a medically supervised detox. Only after substances have been removed from the system can the medical team access where the client is from a mental standpoint. Then, currently prescribed medications are carefully reviewed and, through the course of medical and therapeutic sessions, adjustments are made if needed. Each client’s treatment program is custom-tailored to address all areas of concern and includes a variety of treatment modalities, from Psychotherapy and Psychiatry to Spiritual Therapy and Art Therapy.

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