Above It All Treatment Center Company Newsletter Vol. 1

It has already been a busy summer for us here at Above It All Treatment, as we have been hard at work redesigning our website to offer a more concise design and better experience for those visiting our site, seeking information, and are ready for consultation. In addition to redesigning our website, we have also been busy all over the web and in social media. As the summer goes along, expect to see more of a presence for Above It All across all platforms.



A Visual Tour of Our Facility

The area in and around Lake Arrowhead, CA — where our treatment center is located — is beautiful and pristine; so beautiful that we couldn’t help but take some great photos. We have made these photo galleries available online; to view our online photo gallery CLICK HERE.

Addiction Information

A new feature on our newly-revamped website is our “Addiction Information” area. This area is a wealth of information on various drugs, warning signs of their use, and resources for family members and friends that are struggling with an addicted individual. To browse through our Addiction Information area, CLICK HERE.

Join Us On Pinterest

We are on Pinterest! Join us on this social media platform where we share photos of Lake Arrowhead, inspirational photos, health living ideas, nutritious recipes, and more. To check out our Pinterest, CLICK HERE.

Kellers Peak Campfire

On May 23rd the Above It All group had a great time getting out and taking-in nature. We drove up the mountain to the fire lookout tower and climbed to the top of the tower — 8500 feet in elevation. After we came down off the tower, we got together in a group and we all talked for a while. The views were amazing in every direction. After our group, we did some swimming in the lake — water temperatures were quite pleasant. We had a campfire and a cookout as the sun began to set. After dark — literally in the middle of the National Forest — the stars came out, very bright, and we all relaxed and stargazed. Our Campfires are great treatments and are very relaxing for both our guests and staff.

Beach Trip and Upcoming Activities

On the 21st of last month we had one of our regular trips to the beach. . It is always interesting and inspiring to go to one of the big meetings down there, to see all the recovery that happens. We plan to do a big group trip to the beach once every three weeks from now on, so there will be plenty more memorable beach trips in the future. In addition to our beach trips, now that summer is here, we plan to put together more group activities and recreational activities for the future; these group trips are not only relaxing, but does wonders for the recovery process. We are currently planning a few hikes in the San Bernardino National Forest, we plan a hike to Deep Creek (a gorgeous hike), and hikes to other destinations around the area.

Get Well Pluto

A bit of sad news, poor little Pluto — our recovery center’s loyal dog — has a hurt leg. He got his little leg run over, and is limping and in a bit of pain. The vet, however, said that the leg was not broken, and he is getting better and better all of the time. Get Well Pluto!

Equine Therapy Program

We are pleased to announce our Equine Therapy Program is available now at our treatment center in Lake Arrowhead. Animal therapy is a powerful tool in treating any disorder, whether it be a physical ailment or psychological disorder. The interactions between a person and a horse comes very naturally, and the relationship between the two develops just as an addict has to re-develop a relationship with his/herself. Equine therapy is beneficial to both the equine and the recovering addict, and we are proud to use this technique in our recovery options.To view information on our Equine Therapy Program, CLICK HERE.

Lake Arrowhead Events

Fireworks Spectacular!
When: Thu, July 4, 9pm – 11pm
Where: Lake Arrowhead
Description: The annual 4th of July fireworks show presented by the ALA

Le Grand Picnic
When: Sun, July 28, 3pm – 8pm
Where: Mountains Community Hospital
Description: A Lakeside Garden Affair at Mountains Community Hospital Rose Garden!

Get Away to a California Drug Rehab Center and Focus on Getting Well

Are you looking at options for a drug and alcohol treatment facility for yourself or a loved one? Dealing with this disease is not something that will happen overnight. It’s going to take some time. Making the decision to go to an inpatient program is an effective way to get to the root of the issue and develop a new lifestyle.

Lake Arrowhead Area Offers Numerous Benefits

The Lake Arrowhead area has a lot to offer clients who are in recovery. Checking into an affordable rehab center in this area will allow you or your loved one to spend time in a part of the country that is conveniently located 90 minutes from just about everywhere in southern California, including Los Angeles. Rehab centers offer more than just therapy sessions to clients, and there is plenty to see and do to complement time spent in therapy sessions.

Part of the recovery process is spent in enjoyable activities in the community. Since Lake Arrowhead is a four-season resort, clients can choose from a number of enjoyable activities. Boat and jeep tours are very popular ways to explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of opportunities to see live concerts. The Lake Arrowhead Trolley offers narrated sightseeing tours, including local history and movies filmed in the area.

Inpatient Treatment is Free from Distractions

If you look at the problem of addiction, it is someone trying to deal with pain by using a substance as an anesthetic.  Becoming a client at Above It All Recovery Center will mean a big change in dealing with the addiction. It won’t be possible to continue using drugs or alcohol, for one thing.

The staff at the Center are trained to help clients take a look at the underlying reasons for their addictions and to help them come to terms with them. Each client is unique, and an individual treatment program will be devised to meet his or her needs. This treatment model means that the client gets individualized attention, without having to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Removing a client from the temptations from his or her everyday surroundings is also an effective strategy. The triggers which normally exist to drink or use drugs are no longer present. You or your loved one can focus on making a fresh start when you choose the Above It All Treatment Center.