Get Away to a California Drug Rehab Center and Focus on Getting Well

Are you looking at options for a drug and alcohol treatment facility for yourself or a loved one? Dealing with this disease is not something that will happen overnight. It’s going to take some time. Making the decision to go to an inpatient program is an effective way to get to the root of the issue and develop a new lifestyle.

Lake Arrowhead Area Offers Numerous Benefits

The Lake Arrowhead area has a lot to offer clients who are in recovery. Checking into an affordable rehab center in this area will allow you or your loved one to spend time in a part of the country that is conveniently located 90 minutes from just about everywhere in southern California, including Los Angeles. Rehab centers offer more than just therapy sessions to clients, and there is plenty to see and do to complement time spent in therapy sessions.

Part of the recovery process is spent in enjoyable activities in the community. Since Lake Arrowhead is a four-season resort, clients can choose from a number of enjoyable activities. Boat and jeep tours are very popular ways to explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of opportunities to see live concerts. The Lake Arrowhead Trolley offers narrated sightseeing tours, including local history and movies filmed in the area.

Inpatient Treatment is Free from Distractions

If you look at the problem of addiction, it is someone trying to deal with pain by using a substance as an anesthetic.  Becoming a client at Above It All Recovery Center will mean a big change in dealing with the addiction. It won’t be possible to continue using drugs or alcohol, for one thing.

The staff at the Center are trained to help clients take a look at the underlying reasons for their addictions and to help them come to terms with them. Each client is unique, and an individual treatment program will be devised to meet his or her needs. This treatment model means that the client gets individualized attention, without having to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Removing a client from the temptations from his or her everyday surroundings is also an effective strategy. The triggers which normally exist to drink or use drugs are no longer present. You or your loved one can focus on making a fresh start when you choose the Above It All Treatment Center.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In California: Take Time To Recover And Heal

Alcohol abuse is a very difficult form of addiction to treat. Part of the problem is that the substance is legal and socially acceptable to consume. Many people don’t see what the problem is with having “a few drinks.” They don’t see that a person who is an alcoholic is not a social drinker and has a serious, life-threatening disease.

Signs of Alcoholism

How can you spot the signs of alcoholism in yourself or someone you love? Here are some red flags to be aware of:

  • Loss of Control over Alcohol Use

An alcoholic drinks more than he or she wants to, and longer than he or she intends to, despite making promises to the contrary.

  • Inability to Quit Drinking

Despite wanting to cut down or stop drinking, the person has not been successful.

  • Lack of Interest in Other Activities Because of Alcohol

Alcohol use takes time away from activities that were enjoyable in the past, such as sports, hobbies, or spending time with family and friends.

  • Continuing to Drink Even Though it is Causing Problems

An alcoholic will continue to drink in spite of the negative consequences for his or her life, including damaged personal relationships, trouble at school or at work, or health problems.

Denial a Common Reaction to the Problem of Alcoholism

When confronted with a suspicion or the knowledge that there is an issue with alcohol, the first reaction on the part of an addict is usually denial. The person wants to deflect attention away from the problem so that they don’t have to deal with it. He or she may not realize that they have a substance abuse issue. The person may think he or she has been successful at hiding it from friends, family, and his or her employer.

Allowing someone to continue to deny the problem is not the answer. A much better choice is to persuade him or her to agree to get help from an alcohol recovery inpatient program.

Going to a treatment center in the California Mountains allows clients to get away from their “regular” lives and the stresses that fed into their addictions. They have the opportunity to go to a peaceful place where they can slow down and take the time to focus on themselves, possibly for the first time in their lives.

Focus on Recovery in California Mountains 

Through the counseling and group therapy programs, they can examine the reasons they became addicted and develop strategies for dealing with triggers that will tempt them to reach for a drink when they go back to their homes. The staff at the center helps clients get involved in a variety of sober activities, including hiking, day trips, meditation, and yoga, which help prepare clients for independent living once the primary course of treatment has been completed.

Above It All Treatment helps alcoholics get sober by assisting them in getting involved in healthy activities.  Contact us if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction.

What Life Are You Chasing?

Direction in life

A thought provoking question that I’m sure arises from time to time and makes you think. What life are you chasing and what direction are you headed?

Work on painting a clear picture about what you want and put your focus where it matters most. When you start to take those initial steps on what you want, the how will take care of itself.



California Drug Treatment Programs Offer an Alternative to Addiction

Addiction is a disease that can make a person feel that they are alone and without hope. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. If you are concerned about someone you love, don’t let them slip away from you because you (or they) think they are beyond help. It’s never too late to seek treatment from an alcohol & drug rehab for someone you care for. They may not think they are worth saving, but you know that is not the case.

Addiction is a Treatable Disease

  • If you found out that your loved one had a chronic, life-threatening disease, how would you respond?
  • Would you want him or her to get help right away?
  • How much would you blame him or her for getting sick?
  • Would you be willing to help your loved one find a place where he or she could undergo

Addiction is a disease, and it is just as real as any other chronic illness. You can make a choice not to blame your loved one for being sick without having to make excuses for bad behavior or doing things that will allow the addiction to continue. Getting the person you care for into a California drug treatment program should be your first priority.

Find Help in CA for Addiction

What kind of help will your loved one get at a drug rehab facility? The exact treatment program will vary, depending on the client’s needs. When a new client arrives at the facility, the first step is to have him or her go through detox. Once the client is free from the physical effects of alcohol and/or drugs, the treatment program begins. An intake counselor will discuss the specific plan with each client, which may include the following components:

  • Individual sessions with a substance abuse counselor
  • Group therapy sessions with other clients
  • One-on-one counseling sessions with a therapist
  • Life skills training

The treatment may also include participating in 12 step programs. This part of the treatment gives clients the opportunity to share their story with others. It provides a framework for a long-term recovery that clients can take with them after they leave the facility.

A person can continue to attend meetings in their home community after they have completed the initial drug or alcohol treatment program. The support of the group can be very helpful to someone who has completed an inpatient treatment program and is ready to move to a sober living house or decides to return home.

Would you like to find out more information about the treatment options available at Above It All Treatment Center to deal with drug or alcohol addiction? Call now to speak to a caring recovery specialist.