Be Be Again

“AIA gave me the opportunity to be me again.”

Transformation of Addicts

Kory Avarell describes the transformation of addicts who enter his 60-day rehab programs

Kicking Suboxone

Above it All Treatment Center near Los Angeles California kicking suboxone for 8 days straight got him to think about blowing up his house – video interview

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Scott Shares His Story

If alcoholism is you over like it did Scott you might want to hear his story he is so authentic and real, he was lucky, he found a man with a HUGE heart who helped him” change to “Like many, alcohol was talking over Scott’s life. Scott shares his story of how his addiction was not only ruining his life but affecting his family’s lives as well. He shares his feelings about how lucky he was to find Kory Avarell and transform his life.

Susie Checks Into Above it All Treatment Center

Valium, Drinking and passing out at 10:00 AM being found by her 18 year old step son – Susie checks into Above it All Treatment Center near Los Angeles California