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Overcoming Barriers to Treatment

It’s been proven over and over again: Clinical treatment really does work for those who struggle with addiction. By seeking the right medical intervention, you can be freed from addiction’s hold, and you can live a life of wholeness, health, and happiness.

The question is, why do so many people choose to suffer with addiction, instead of seeking the treatment they need? The reasons are numerous. For some, it’s a fear over affordability. For others, it’s the perception that they just don’t have time. For many, it’s the social stigma associated with addiction treatment.

In the end, however, none of these are good reasons to decline addiction treatment and recovery—so let us address each of these common barriers one at a time.

The first barrier: Addiction treatment is too expensive. The truth is that insurance will often pay for addiction treatment—and when it doesn’t, financial assistance is often made available. Ultimately, people aren’t turned away from treatment due to lack of money; all you need to do is contact an admissions representative to talk through the financial angle.

Another common barrier: You don’t have enough time. It’s true that addiction treatment will take you outside your usual work and school responsibilities—but employers will generally give you the time off that you need to get healthy again. And in the end, this is your wellbeing we’re talking about—your very life. Who doesn’t have time to get better and to live life more fully? There is nothing more important!

A final barrier: Social stigma. We have just one thing to say about this: Who cares? You’re not seeking treatment to impress anyone else. You’re doing it for yourself—and that’s that.

Don’t let these or any other barriers keep you from seeking treatment. Choose recovery. Contact Above It All to learn more.

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