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The Road to Recovery: Choosing a Rehab Further from Home

Once you’ve made the decision to enter rehab for addiction, the next step is choosing where to go. There are addiction treatment facilities throughout the United States and the world, and each one is different. It can be tempting to stick close to home since it’s what you’re familiar with and it seems more convenient. However, traveling further away for a quality program can have its benefits as well. It may be just what you need to really focus on your recovery and make positive changes in your life.

Change of Scenery: Heading away from home for addiction treatment puts you in a new environment with different surroundings. You’re not just a short drive away from work, friends who may be a poor influence, or places you used to hang out while in active addiction. You can leave those things behind and get a fresh start where you don’t know anyone or anything around you.

Fewer Distractions: No one ever said that recovery was easy. Being further away makes it harder to leave when things get tough. It can distract you from thinking about what you might be missing out on or wanting to join in. Instead, you’re able to create healthier routines and put your energy into what you’re learning in treatment. You came there to turn your life around and make the most of your future, so give yourself the opportunity to do so.

If cost is a concern, talk to the facility about how you can make the most of insurance coverage and what other financial options are available. You may be paying a little more to go further away, but think of how much you’ll save in the long run once you’re in recovery. Make your health and well-being a priority and contact Above It All today to learn more about our treatment programs.

[cta] How has traveling further away made a positive difference in your recovery? Leave a comment and let us know! [/cta]

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