When Dating And Recovery Meet

An addict’s recovery holds its own set of issues. Individuals struggling with addiction must piece together their life while fighting cravings and temptation along the way. Due to the focus and dedication required to properly engage in the recovery process, dating is generally frowned upon. In this entry, we will delve into the reasoning behind it all.
In some cases, a new relationship garnered during the initial recovery process can become an entirely new addiction. New relationships often provide those involved with feelings of euphoria; a sensation not unlike that enjoyed throughout the addiction. This “high” slowly consumes the individual, until the relationship becomes more an obsession than mutual bond.Substitution


Many addiction specialists describe an intense emptiness felt by recovering addicts. A new relationship, regardless of its length, will often serve in filling this void. Though this method may sound fine and dandy, experts agree that this emptiness should be filled through constructive activity and engagements, such as a new hobby or passion that caters to the individual, rather than a sense of love or infatuation.


Let’s face it… we can all recall an instance in our past where a relationship has taken over our lives. Whether the circumstances involve a new love or unexpected breakup, the situation tends to consume us for days, weeks, or even months.

New relationships require a fair amount of effort and time – the same things required to ensure a successful recovery. By placing energy in an area that demands the same type of attention as your recovery, you are essentially hindering your ability to fight.


Moving forward with life following an addiction often requires addicts to assess and address the cause of the addiction. Engaging in a new found relationship effectively places a halt on this process. Not only will you be distracted, but presenting an unfinished version of yourself. An incomplete picture, if you will.  These situations can often lead to guilt, lying and other types of behaviors that drove the initial addiction.


Recovery is a period to focus on you. Just you. Though it may sound tempting to throw yourself into the arms of an attractive opposite, the truth is that you will be doing more harm than good. Not only will your recovery suffer… but your relationship may as well. If your budding love is truly meant to be, there’s no harm in setting it free for the time being. A true love will understand and support your decision.

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