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The Alcoholics Prayer

For normal folks drinking means companionship and colorful imagination. It means release from care boredom and worry. It is joyous and intimacy with friends and a feeling that life is good, but not so feeling that life is good but not so with us in those last says of heavy drinking – pg 151 “A Vision for You” from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

When we first start drinking most of us find what we’ve been searching for for years. A sense of ease and comfort. We feel smarter, stronger, carefree, and find the relief most of us have been craving our whole lives. We become masters of fun and partying. Over time whether it be months or years that feeling usually fades. We are no longer able to escape and the consequences begin. Some of us lose our family, jobs, and houses while others get DUI’s, lose friends or have a string of nights that went just a little too far. Whatever bottom it is that we hit there is no such thing as a bottom that is too high or too low. We hit our bottom when we stop digging. It can always get worse. We find ourselves going to any lengths to defend our right to drink and use to the death until we can’t lie to ourselves and others anymore or until we stop pretending it’s still working for us .When we realize we no longer have it in us to continue living like this we say what is known in A.A. as the alcoholic prayer –PLEASE HELP ME!

If you are tired, rundown, or if this thing has you licked and you don’t know how to stop drinking here are a few options you can check out…30 day rehab programs, California rehab centers, AA, and rehab programs in California.

Whatever route you decide to take may you find recovery and life you seek and may you be surrounded by love and success on this new path

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